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Time and Distance

time and distance formulae

Solved Examples

1 . A train travelling 25 km/hr leaves Delhi at 9 am and another train travelling 35 km/hr starts at 2 pm in the same direction. How many km. from Delhi will they be together? Ans: Let the two trains be together x hrs after 9 am.
Distance travelled by the first train = 25x km
Distance travelled by the second train = 35 (x-5) km
ie 25x = 35 (x-5)
x = 17.5 hrs.
Required distance = 25x17.5 = 437.5 km.

time and distance shortcut

2 . A boy goes to school at a speed of 3km/hr and returns to the village at a speed of 2km/ hr. If he takes 5 hrs in all, what is the distance between the village and the school.
Ans:Let x km be the distance between the village and the school.
Then x/3 + x/2 = 5
= 6 km

3. Joshy travels at the rate of 3km/hr and he reaches his office 15 mts late. If he travels at the rate of 4km/hr. he reaches 15 mts earlier. The distance Joshy has to travel is?
Ans:(Let x km be the distance that Joshy has to travel.
time and work formula time and work formula


1 . (4)  2 . (4)  3. (3)

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