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Aptitude for All competitive exams

Mathematical calculation speed is very important for the aspirants preparing for competitive exams. Majority of the aspirants thinks Aptitude is the toughest subject and will try only for qualifying marks. This is a wrong thinking. In fact, Aptitude is the scoring subject in competitive exams, if you deal it right. We will provide all shortcut methods and guide you to become an expert in cracking Quantitative Aptitude questions with ease and comfort.

Time plan

Plan your day to allocate a specified time based on your skill level in Aptitude. If you are good at calculations and aptitude part, spend less time, for those who feel they are not good at calculation and aptitude part allocate more time for Quantitative aptitude preperation.

Basic concepts you should know before starting Aptitude preperation:
  • Multiplication tables: till 20
  • Squares upto 30
  • Cubes upto 20
  • Powers of 2 upto 15
  • Powers of 3 upto 10
  • Reciprocals of numbers upto 15
  • Useful basic Mathematic Shortcuts


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