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Technology Related Interview Questions

  1. 1) Why technology is being adopted by almost all the organizations?
    Ans: Technology has brought in several in all aspects. In addition, with globalization, shifting/adoption to technology has become imperative.

  2. What are the advantages?
    Ans: Infact advantages are innumerable. Major ones are as under:
    Through technology many new products have been devised and faster delivery of servicescould be possible. This in turn has increased transaction volumes and customer satisfaction especially in commerical and service organisations. All operations are now customer centric and has resulted in competitive advantage.

  3. Can you enumerate some advantages, in banking sector in particular?
    Ans: Major advantage according to me is that the concept of branch banking has be done away with. Now it is any time and any where banking. With internet banking facility customers visit to banks came down. Thus all operations now are customer centric.

  4. Tell me some technology based services provided by banks to customers?
    Ans: Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) provide cash dispensation at any time. A few more services are to be introduced shortly. Internet banking, credit cards, mobile banking services through mobile phones, rapid remittance systems like NEFT / RTGS are a few. In addition to these, with broadbased data, marketing services may also be provided to customers. We may also experience a cash less economy in future.

  5. Who is considered as inventor of computer?
    Ans: Blaise Pascal.

  6. Can you tell me what was the oldest calculating device?
    Ans: Abacus

  7. What do you understand by generations in computers?
    Ans: It is improving the existing system for better performance.

  8. What is DOS?
    Ans: Disk Operating System.

  9. What is a network?
    Ans: Network is a data processing system to which multiple computers are linked.

  10. What is the purpose of the network?
    Ans: Through networking data communication is possible and the resource is sharable also.

  11. What do you understand by processing?
    Ans: Processing is an activity where data is converted into information.

  12. What is a micro processor?
    Ans: It is a small device, which controls other equipment.

  13. What is the purpose of a MODEM?
    Ans: It is a device, which acts as a bridge between computer and analogue lines used for tranmission of data (Phone lines or Cables).

  14. Then, tell me what do you understand by analogue?
    Ans: Analogue basically is a signal in the form of waves.

  15. What are Protocols?
    Ans: Protocols are formats for sending messages and the rules for exchange of messages are defined. when communication has to take place between two entities. These are necessary to understand the language of communication.

  16. what is FTP and what is the purpose of this protocol?
    Ans: File Transfer Protocol. This is a method through which files can be moved from one system to another.

  17. What do you understand by Packets?
    Ans: Fragmented data from a source is called Packet, which have builtin logic to detect congestion, link failures etc. and are capable of establishing alternate routes.

  18. 32) What is the purpose of Optical Fibre?
    Ans: Optical Fibre provides data transmission facility at high speeds.

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