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Odd Man Out Series

In Odd Man Out Series, we have to choose a word or pair that is not matching or different to the given group of words or pairs.

Example: a) Apple b) Watermelon c) Mango d) Guava

Explanation: In the given series (b)Watermelon grows on the ground, remaining other fruits grow on trees. So watermelon is the the odd man here.

2) a. Profit:Loss   b. wise:Foolish   c. Virtue:Vice   d. Seduce:Attract
Ans: (d)

Explanation: In the given above series all the pairs are antonyms, except option (d). Here (d) is odd man out.

3) a. Apple:Jam   b. Lemon:Citrus   c. Orange:Squash   d. Tomato:Pury
Ans: (b)

Explanation: In the above paired combination is the form they are preserved, the second one Lemon is denoted by it's type as Citrus. So, (b) Lemon is the odd man here.

4) a. Cow:Calf   b. Dog: Bitch   c. Lion:Cub   d. Tortoise:Turtle   e. Insect:Larva
Ans: (b)

Explanation: The above series is a combination of animals with their younger type. Whereas, the female dog is called as Bitch. So, here odd man in the series is (b) Dog.

5) a. Microscope   b. Telescope   c. Periscope   d. Stethoscope  
Ans: (d)

Explanation: Except stethoscope all other are optical instruments.

6) a. Append   b. Swarm   c. Annex   d. Attach
Ans: (b)

Explanation: Except (swarm = large group of animals) the rest all other words are related to 'addition'.

7) a) Curd   b) Butter   c) Cheese   d) Oil   e) Cream
Ans: (d)

Explanation: Except Oil all other products are obtained from Milk.

8) a) Copper   b) Tin   c) Brass   d) Platinum   e) Zinc Ans: (c)

Explanation: In the above given series except Brass all are Metals while Brass is an Alloy.

9) a) December   b) April   c) March   d) July   e) May
Ans: (b)

Explanation: In the above series all months except April has 31 days. Whereas April has only 30 days.

10) a) Odour   b) Smell   c) Foul   d) Fragrance   e) Incense
Ans:- (c)

Explanation: Except Foul all other words smell related synonyms.

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