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Marketing Related Interview Questions

  1. What is marketing?
    Ans: Marketing is basically a creative activity born out of a concept.

  2. What is that concept?
    Ans: Consumption is the purpose of production and the activity of marketing takes care of producers as well as customers interest.

  3. At what point marketing concept is used?
    Ans: Marketing as such is an all pervasive activity; meaning that it embraces all related activities of needs and wants production and service sectors. In short, it is a catalyst for all business functions.

  4. Can you please elaborate further?
    Ans: Yes sir. Marketing activity starts with identifying the needs, present aswellas future, designing such suitable products, production, promotion, assuring after sales service and so on. Thus it can be understood as a link between the needs / wants and responses in a society.

  5. What is selling?
    Ans: Selling is merely an operational function.

  6. How do you explain selling in relation to marketing?
    Ans: Marketing includes selling, whereas selling is treated as a stand alone activity.

  7. Then, how these two differ from each other?
    Ans: In short marketing is customer centric, whereas selling is product centric. While earning profits is common factor, marketing aims at maximation of customer satisfaction, by providing after sales service, free services, replacements, exchanges etc., Last but not the least marketing is a concept and management function, whereas selling is only an operational activity.

  8. What is a product?
    Ans: According to P. Kotler a product is "anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use of consumption".

  9. What are the characteristics of a physical product?
    Ans: Marketability, ascertainability, Salability, Storability, Transferability and Tangibility.

  10. How can we understand a service product?
    Ans: A service product is essentially intangible and does not involve in strict terms "Transferability".

  11. Can it be measured?
    Ans: It is very difficult because the receiver keeps it at feeling levels like, satisfaction, gratitude, comfort levels experienced, confidence etc.,

  12. What are marketing tools?
    Ans: These are 4 ps and 4 cs. Now three more Ps are added. Ps are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical evidence and Process.

  13. What are 4 Cs?
    Ans: Customer needs, Cost, Convenience and Communication.
  14. What do you understand by "Brand Equity"?
    Ans: Based on perceptions and feelings a consumer tends to exhibit a sort of positive response to a product / service and this is known as brand equity.

  15. What do you understand by Product mix?
    Ans: This isgenerally referred to, range of products offered to a buyer. This range refers to price, quality, designs, durability etc.,

  16. What is the importance of pricing?
    Ans: Pricing is a major element in marketing, in so far as it creates revenues and therefore profits.

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