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IBPS Previous Interview Questions

IBPS previous interview questions, these questions are shared from the experience of the candidates who attended interviews recently.

Apart from these questions you were asked about your current field if you are a working professional. Be prepared to answer questions related to your work profile. These questions were mostly about the basic functionalities in your field. So, there is no need to worry about that.

Previous Questions
  • 1)What are you doing right now?
  • 2) Tell me about your current role (if you are doing a job)?
  • 3) Why do you want to do a job in bank?
  • 4) What is a bank?
  • 5) What do you know about banking?
  • 6) What account do you have (savings or Current)?
  • 7) What is a five year plan? What does the government decide in a five year plan?
  • 8) What is the recent social issue in our country?
  • 9) Except deposit and loan, what banks do?
  • 10) What is the difference between nationalized and private banks?
  • 11) Tell us about CTS (cheque truncation system)?
  • 12) What is balance sheet? What is its use?
  • 13) Can you tell me about closing stock?
  • 14) What is IRR?
  • 15)What is global warming?
  • 16) What is retail chain?
  • 17) What is USP?
  • 18) Whether bank is retailer or wholesaler?
  • 19) You have great scope in private sector as well? Still why you prefer joining bank sector?
  • 20) Who is bank's customer?
  • 21) What RBI does?
  • 22) What will you learn if you will get selected as PO/Clerk/SO?
  • 23) What is KYC?
  • 24) What is money laundering? Explain in brief about money laundering?
  • 25) What is financial inclusion?
  • 26) What are assets and liabilities in banks?
  • 27) What is MPA?
  • 28) What are the major problems that banks are facing now days?
  • 29) What is capital adequacy?
  • 30) What is financial inclusion?
  • 31) What is account no portability?
  • 32)What is horse trading?
  • 33) What is NABARD and it's functions?
  • 34) Difference between cottage and small scale industries?
  • 35) What is small scale business?
  • 36) What are CR deposits?? (Not CRR)
  • 37) Who is CJI of India?
  • 38) What is Lead Bank?
  • 39) What is the name of RBI governor?
  • 40) What do you mean by Self Help Group?
  • 41) What is attrition rate? Why attrition rate is high in banking sector?

Hope you found it useful!!! Thanks and all the best.

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