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General Knowledge for IBPS Exams

1) Which of the following Indian airlines tied up with Tigerair to increase connectivity between flights operated by both carriers?

1) GoAir  2) IndiGo  3) Jetkonnect  4) Kingfisher  5) SpiceJet

Ans: (5)

2) India's first supersonic jet fighter was decommissioned after 50 years of service in December 2013. What is its name?

1) Boeing P-12  2) MIG-21 FL  3) Tejas  4) Hawker Hunter  5) IAR-15 Ans: (2)

3) European Space Agency is an in-ter governmental organization of 20 member States. It is head-quartered in?

1) London  2) Paris  3) Lisbon  4) Madrid  5) Berlin

Ans: (2)

4) The government has approved a proposal to increase foreign holding in which of the following banks to 62 percent from the current 49 percent?

1) ICICI Bank  2) Axis Bank  3) HDFC Bank  4) Yes Bank  5) IndusInd Bank

Ans: (2)

5) The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi inaugurated the 240 Megawatt Uri II hydro power project on 2014 July 4 in which of the following States?

1) Sikkim  2) Assam  3) Gujarat  4) Himachal Pradesh  5) Jammu & Kashmir

Ans: (5)

6) Which of the following routes will get India's first bullet train?

1) Jaipur-Madurai  2) Mumbai-New Delhi  3) Mumbai-Ahmedabad  4) Mumbai-Gorakhpur  5) Nagpur-Pune

Ans: (3)

7) Atanu Das is associated with which of the following sports?

1) Table Tennis  2) Badminton  3) Archery  4) Golf  5) Chess

Ans: (3)

8) Which of the following prizes is also known as Tech Nobel?

1) Genesis Prize  2) Templeton Prize  3) Marconi Prize  4) Abel Prize  5) Pritzker Prize

Ans: (3)

9) With regard to taxation, expand the term TDS?

1) Tax Deposit Scheme  2) Tax Defaulted at Source  3) Tax Demanded at Source  4) Tax Deducted at Source  5) None of these

Ans: (4)

10) Which of the following is the capital city of Ukraine?

1) Ashgabat  2) Dushanbe  3) Vaduz  4) Crimea  5) Kiev

Ans: (5)

11) Green Revolution in India began in the year?

1) 1960s  2) 1970s  3) 1980s  4) 1990s  5) 1950s

Ans: (1)

12) Which one of the following world leaders never won the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development?

1) Sheikh Hasina  2) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva  3) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  4) Angela Merkel  5) Dilma Roussef

Ans: (5)

13) RIKEN is the largest research institute in?

1) China  2) Russia  3) Sweden  4) Norway  5) Japan

Ans: (5)

14) The Central Bank of Japan is?

1) The Senshu Bank  2) The Master Trust Bank of Japan  3) Mizuho Bank  4) Fuji Bank  5) Bank of Japan

Ans: (5)

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