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Reasoning Problems on Blood Relations

Blood Relations section is an important as well as an interesting topic. The questions seem simple, but if you don't follow a best approach, you will end up by selecting a wrong answer which obviously results in a loss of mark.

There were basically 3 types of questions asked from Blood Relations, we can answer these 3 categories of questions by drawing a pictorial diagram of a family tree based on the question.

Before we enter into the concept everyone should know the basic relationships, so have a look at this relationships image and remember them:

Blood Relations

Problem: D is brother of B. M is brother of B. K is father of M. T is wife of K. How is B related to T?

Solution: Family Tree

Now, we can illustrate the relationship between B and T easily by observing the above family tree.

From above question: D is brother of B and M is brother of B. So, here D, B and M are siblings. Also, we are clear that K is father of all the three D, B and M. Obviously, T is mother of D, B and M.

One important point to consider in the above question is that, we didn't know the gender of B.

Our main aim is to find 'how is B related to T'. We are clear that T is mother of B from above diagram. But we don't know the gender of B, so the answer is Son or Daughter.

Problem: The mother of Sukesh is the only daughter of Saritha's father. How Saritha is related to Sukesh?

Answer : b) Mother.

Explanation: Only daughter of Saritha's father = Saritha only. The mother of Sukesh is Saritha. So, Saritha is mother to Sukesh.

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