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Interview Questions on Banking Structure in India

  1. Tell me something about banking structure in India?
    Ans: In Banking structure, we have Commercial Banks & Co-operative Banks. Commercial Banks include Public Sector Banks (PSBs), Private sector and Foreign Banks. Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are also there. Under Co-operative structure we have stateApex Bank under which all Dist Co-op Banks (DCBs) are functioning.

  2. Why Co-operative Banks are allowed to operate?
    Ans: It is the policy of GOI that co-operative system be strengthened in all walks of life.

  3. Who controls the cooperative banking system?
    Ans: Reserve Bank. of India (RBI) and respective state governments together in respect of urban cooperatives.

  4. Does NABARD control any other system?
    Ans: Yes, NABARD control Rural Regional Banks (RRBs).

  5. What is the capital structure of RRBs?
    Ans: 50% of capital contribution was from GOI, 15 percent from respective state governments and 35 percent from sponsor banks.

  6. Who controls /regulates RRBs?
    Ans: NABARD is the regulator of RRBs.

  7. Where is the headquarters of NABARD located?
    Ans: Mumbai.

  8. Is it under RBI control?
    Ans: No, it is an independent.

  9. What do you understand by nationalisation?
    Ans: Complete take over by Government of any corporate bank or any other institution is called nationalisation.

  10. What is SBI act?
    Ans: It is State Bank of India act 1955. This has come by an act of parliamnet, when Imperial Bank of India's functions were took by SBI as successors.

  11. What is the structure of a bank in general?
    Ans: There will be a chairman and Managing Director at the top. He is assisted by Executive directors, Chief General Managers, General Managers. depending upon the branch network head offices, zonal offices are created and at gross root level branches will be functioning.

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