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Agriculture Related Interview Questions

  1. How do you understand Agriculture?
    Ans: Agriculture can be understood as farming or husbandry, meaning, cultivation of plants, animals, fungi etc., and is one of the oldest activities of the mankind.

  2. How agriculture is important in our economy?
    Ans: India accounts for the largest production of fresh fruits, vegetables, many spices, milk, millets, etc., in the world. This accounts for major contribution for Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P.)[16.6% in 2009], though now declining. Further this sector employes 50% of total work force in India.

  3. Why it is declining?
    Ans: Expansion of industry and service sectors is one reason and crops failure due to various factors is another. Non availability of complete and correct data is another reason.

  4. What are allied activities?
    Ans: Dairy farming, poultry, sheep rearing, acquaculture are a few examples.

  5. What types of crops are generally grown in India?
    Ans: Generally we can classify as short duration and long duration crops. Short duration means generally less than a year and the others will extend beyond twelve months.

  6. Can you give some examples?
    Ans: Paddy, millets, cereals, wheat etc., are examples for short duration crops and sugarcane for long duration.

  7. Then what are cash crops?
    Ans: Agriculture crops grown for sale, but purchased by others, unconnected with farm. The produce is also subjected to further processing before it reaches the ultimate consumer.

  8. Please give some examples?
    Ans: Cotton, chillies, tobacco, sugarcane etc., come under this classification.

  9. What is green revolution?
    Ans: It referes to a series of research and development and application of technology and other initiatives for increased agricultural production.
  10. Who has initiated Green Revolution? Ans: Dr. Norman Borlaug. He is considered as father of the green revolution.

  11. In general what are the methods to increase agricultural production? And also the conditions?
    Ans: Rotation of crops, irrigation facilities, climatic conditions, soil texture and following latest methods in farming along with application of technology.

  12. What do you mean by rotation of crops?
    Ans: It is the practice of growing different/dissimilar types of crops in the same land.

  13. What are the benefits of crop rotation?
    Ans: It results in replenishment of nitrogen in to the soil, mitigates build up of pathogens and pests, which often occur when same type of crops are grown. It also improves soil structure and fertility.
  14. What is companion planting?
    Ans: Different types of crops are grown side by side or in proximity. This will improve uptake of nutrients by the plants controls pest and improves pollination. which in turn improves the yield.

  15. What is Irrigation?
    Ans: Irrigation is artificial application of-water to the land or soil for growing crops, maintenance of land scapes and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas during the times of scanty rainfall.

  16. How irrigation facilities are classified in our country, in terms of ayacut?
    Ans: Minor, medium and major irrigation. In terms of ayacut it is upto 1000 acres, 1000 to 10,000 acres and above 10.000 acres respectively.

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